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Partial Solar Eclipse: September 13, 2015

Geographic Region: southern Africa, southern Indian Ocean, Antarctica

The second solar eclipse of 2015 occurs in Leo at the Moon's ascending node about 1.2 days before apogee.  This partial eclipse is a southern hemisphere event visible from southern Africa, the Indian Ocean and Antarctica.

This is the 54th eclipse of Saros 125.  The series began on 1060 Feb 04 with a string of 12 partial eclipses.  The first of 4 consecutive total eclipses began on 1276 Jun 13, followed by 2 hybrid eclipses.  The first annular eclipse occurred on 1384 Aug 17.  For the next 5 centuries, Saros 125 continued producing annular eclipses.  The series reverted back to partial with the eclipse of 1997 Sep 02.  It will continue producing partial eclipses foe 3 ½ more centuries until the series ends on 2358 Apr 09.  In all, Saros 125 produces 73 solar eclipses in the sequence of 12 partial, 4 total, 2 hybrid, 34 annular, and 21 partial eclipses.


Eclipse map and predictions courtesy of Fred Espenak - NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center.
For more information on solar and lunar eclipses, see Fred Espenak's Eclipse Home Page:






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