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The Outlook Date Navigator



The Microsoft Outlook Date Navigator

The Date Navigator

Probably the most useful feature when using your calendar is the Date Navigator.  This is the little calendar boxes to the side of your main calendar view.  Depending on your screen resolution and how Outlook is sized, it usually displays one or more months.


You probably see it every day, but you may not know how useful it can be. 


Dates with calendar entries (appointments, meetings and events) associated with them are marked in bold 2 months into the past and 10 months into the future from the current date.  The exception is if the free/busy information has been set to Free, the date will not be bold.


But there is much more to this little box that a few bold numbers...





View a Single day

Click on any single day on the Date Navigator and your calendar view will change to that day only.

View a week

Click to the left of the week on the Date Navigator to highlight the entire week.  Your calendar view will change to view the week that you highlighted.

View a month

Click on one of the weekday letters (S M T W T F S) at the top of the month and your calendar will change to month view for the month you selected.

View 2 or more days,

or 2 or more weeks

Use your mouse to highlight any particular days on the Date Navigator that you want your calendar to display.  This works for any set of dates you want to highlight; 2 days, 3 days, 5 days, or even 2 or more weeks.

View non-consecutive days

Click on any one day.  With the Ctrl key pressed, select another day. The two days will be displayed side by side in the calendar view.  This works for multiple non-consecutive days too.







The Date Navigator

The Date Navigator

The Date navigator can also be used to quickly move your calendar forward or back in time.  Click on the month heading and Outlook will display three months forward and back on your calendar.  While holding the left mouse button down, move your mouse to select a new month.  When you release the mouse button the Date Navigator and your calendar view will change according to your selection.

For changes greater than a few months you may find it easier to jump to the new date using the "Go To Date" feature in Outlook (Crtl - G).  For more information, see our Outlook Calendar Date Shortcuts page.